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 M+ Rover 2020-21
Wong Tin Yan 'Yes but Why'
Dining Experience @M+ Museum HK

‘Why do we need to question?’ 

Artist Wong Tin Yan believes that questioning is an essential tool for learning. Yes but Why? is his effort to create an environment that motivates students to stay curious and think unconventionally- which became a theme for M+ Rover project 20-21 edition. 


M+ Rover project offers students an alternative space on campus to acquire knowledge and express their thoughts. In this edition, Wong transforms M+ Rover into a site of inquiry.

To broaden the students’ creative horizons, Wong has invited Deep Food, alongside collaborators from various fields, to join this adventure of questioning, hoping everyone comes to view the world through a different lens, continuing the journey of inquiry with renewed perspectives. 


The team created the ‘Yes but Why?’ Dining Experience, where the artist invites four primary school students to visit the ‘Yes but Why?’ restaurant for an unusual dining experience. In this video, the students share their thoughts and doubts about the table's strange foods and eating utensils. At the same time, the artist prompts them to ponder questions such as, ‘To eat, or not to eat?’ and ‘How to eat?’. Making an analogy between ‘eating’ and ‘learning’, the artist encourages viewers to rethink their habits and look for surprising ingredients in everyday life so that they can cook up a delicious learning experience for themselves. 


Courtesy of M+, Hong Kong

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