About Deep Food


We see enormous potential for creating “edible experiences” through design. While some global food trends include hype around posting food experiences on social media, growing mindfulness of food health, and increasing demand for food sustainability- we envision design can play a role in such growing awareness on Food.


In light of these opportunities, how might we design food experiences as a medium for “deep thinking”?


Deep Food aims at sparking thoughtful discussions through different eating experiences. 



Deep Food is initiated by Cindy Chan and Heinrik Ng, we believe that the power of food as a medium can go beyond its taste, convenience, its origin and can be expanded consciously to the level of content and culture: that when we decide to eat, the question can go beyond: how fast is it? How tasty is it? How nutritious is it? How fair-traded is it? How authentic is it? We believe that it can be developed towards this question: How Deep is it? In terms of content, and culture. 

Both our co-founders came from a background of design, in particular, product design, in which we

have both worked for various brands in product and industrial design. With such a background

we constantly apply our expertise in manipulating 3-dimensional medium into food. Both of us

have an interest in expressing our ideas through discursive design. We experimented to apply our knowledge on product and 3-dimensional design into the field of food and edible experiences, and since then we have been fascinated by its possibility and versatility. As a tangible and edible medium, we have been finding food a very friendly medium in a sense that many people can easily find their association with food, as such through that we can communicate with them our messages through our designed edible experience. 

Both co-founders, Cindy and Heinrik, are graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

with a Bachelor of Arts in Product Design. Cindy also gained her Master of Arts in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries. at Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.