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On Fermented Normal

The Thinkers' Edibles

Engaging creatives to reflect on their responses

towards the new normal through food 


Hello Future!

Here and now, our normal becomes new!
The pandemic, the climate, the conflicts...
Watch the fermented normal:
uncontrollably by nature;
Catch the fermented normal:
controllably by culture(us).
Take it, cook it, and taste it!

How does this work?

By collecting responses from creatives(you) on the new normal, this project is going to turn thoughts on the Fermented Normal into recipes and edible experiences for 
sharing, exchange and discussion!  

Open call Phase 1:

Making the
Thinkers' Recipe

Step 1:

Review your thoughts and reactions on
the new normal as a creative.

Step 2:

Submit your thoughts through this form.

Step 3:

Subscribe and get updates on an edible transformation of your submission

One step extra:

Express your interest or join the transformation!

Stay Tuned!

Catch the latest updates on this project on

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