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Note on edibles as alphabets

About food creation

In mind, the God who is both three and one can sit on his right side because we cannot take the words literally, and from the moment this idea is established, words transcend symbols to become metaphors. If so, as I designed with food, can I interpret the tomato juice into the blood of a lion and turn the Peacock heads into the eyes of Mars? Push this idea further, that dining will become the carrier of novels, the sound and rhyme of poetry; the connection starts from the material senses, and it goes beyond sublimation from the same point. So how can we understand the meaning of eating?

In the visual world, a green circle plus three black bars becomes a watermelon. In the world of hearing, happiness becomes a melody. Then why is Apple just Apple? 

A reflection on revisiting this note: An apple is already beyond an apple...but I still believe it can go deeper in terms of conscious content...


在意念世界裏,既是三亦是一的神能坐在自己的右邊,因為我們不能take the words literally, 而由這意念成立那刻開始,文字超越符號成為意喻。如是者,作為用食物和食法來設計的我,又可否把茄汁演繹成為獅子的血,把雞髀變成火星的眼睛?把這想法再推進,用餐就會變成小説的載體,詩的聲韻; 由物質感官開始連結亦由同一點超越昇華。那麼進食的動作的意義又可以如何理解呢?



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