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Pseudo Food 

Pseudo Food explores the phenomenon of information authenticity and food choice behaviour. The audience will experience sound, spatial and food design in a devised theatre setting.

Social media is loaded with food photos. It seems familiar for people in different cultures to share their food experiences and reviews. People are captivated not only by the appearance of the food but also by the information on the trend, such as food ingredients, nutrition values, and the story behind the food process.

That said, the authenticity of the studies, the commercial strategies, the subjective perception, and the amount of plausible and contradictory information can be overwhelming and confusing. How do we make our choice with all this information? The audience will be able to reflect and share their views on this matter in this theatrical experience.

Concept and curator: Deep Food x Priscila Chu @Alppla
Spatial Designer: Dawn Chan
Food and visual Designer: Deep Food
Sound and theatre director: Priscila Chu @Alppla
Videographer: Tony Ngan

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