News Food
@ PolyU School of Design Show 

News Food: A series of curated food experiences to transform real-life news and stories into edible pieces. The first volume of News Food is featuring 10 Hong Kong creatives, turning their voices into packages of cookies, it is launched in 2021 summer. News Food aims at exploring how can edible experiences that deliver messages act as a means to connect creatives across disciplines.


News Food x PolyU School of Design (SD)

Deep Food presented an SD version of this project as a starter experience for the annual show - featuring a series of snacks each inspired by one graduate project at the annual show. A selection of 12 projects, edited in several themes, would be presented as “edible newspapers” at the starter experience, which at the same time serves as a teaser for the annual show guided tour. The experience is aimed at giving edible transformation of student projects to impress the participants and generate interest towards student projects.  


News Food Mini-drama setting 

To make the experience more immersive, Deep Food has engaged several student helpers to act as “newspaper carriers” at the starter experience. Each of them delivered a newspaper of a different theme and introduce the edible news to participants.