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Midnights on the island 
@ LCSD- Hi! Flora, Fauna

Where does one begin to talk about the ebbs and flows throughout history?

In their artwork Midnights on the Island, the artists of Deep Food re-interpret historical stories of the Gardens and its old trees through eight creative snacks they have designed.


The taste and presentation of each of the snacks have been meticulously thought through. For example, the bitter taste of lotus seeds would be a reminder of the wretched life of Hong Kong during the Japanese Occupation, and the functionality of Burmese rosewood (Pterocarpus indicus) is associated with the tea-drinking culture of Earl Grey tea.


Deep Food has also designed a drama across history and created a traditional Hong Kong-style ice cream cart. The drama mapped out two routes through the Gardens that can lead visitors to explore different spots – a whole new experience that combines cultural interests with palatal delights, from which visitors would learn about ancient and modern history while sharing creative culinary ideas.

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