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The Fruit of Enlightenment Tea House

Deep Food designs the Fruit of Enlightenment Tea House at White Do Store to provide a reflective experience on our perspectives of knowledge. It was inspired by the story of Newton's discovery of gravity with a fallen apple, the tea house questions what can be our fruit of enlightenment in our everyday life. The tea house references the traditional tea house format of Sen no Rikyū. It matched the structure with an obscura: a device that allows an image of the surrounding environment to be projected into the tea house. Inside the tea house, three sculptures are exhibited and paired with a corresponding blend of tea; each represents a sense of reality, security and happiness.  These sculptures are inspired by everyday life, for example, a melon soup bowl that represents happiness, a bitter melon clock that conveys the sense of reality, and chestnut lock keys that represent the sense of security. The tea house provides a sensory experience for the audience to explore the fruit of enlightenment from their perspectives.

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