Wabi Sabi Cookie Workshop at K11 Art Mall

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetics that appreciate imperfect beauty and nature. 

Deep Food designed three cookie sets that each reveals one concept of wabi-sabi to host a workshop at K11 Art Mall. 


The first one is a cookie inspired by 寂寥 (the beauty of being alone)

A cookie karesansui with an actual stone 

The stone is going to be the single leftover after the zen garden cookie is consumed, yet itself complete and remind the memory of tasting. The eater may keep the stone, enjoying such romance between the stone and himself alone.


The second one is a cookie inspired by 然帶 (The nature of matter)

Kintsugi cookie 

The cookie complete itself in flavour and outlook while being repaired by matcha chocolate and gold leaves - the intended act of breaking the cookie resemble Rikyū’s famous scene of breaking a vase to “complete” the tea house setting.


The third one is a cookie inspired by 古老 (Aging of matter)

”丸石神(Round Stone god)” Cookie  

Using the idea of how round stone is worshipped in Japanese culture, these cookie round stone communicate the beauty of time passage and ageing. Participants of the workshop make these round cookies by shaking a few doughs in a round bowl, watching them to slowly become spherical as time goes.